I want to try a cardio tennis session, but I have never played before, does this matter?

Not at all! Cardio tennis is great for all tennis and fitness abilities, you can go at your own pace. Just wear comfortable clothing and trainers, we have plenty of rackets for you to borrow!


My child wants to play tennis and would like to be in the same squad as friends, is this possible?

We will always try to accommodate requests like this, we know it's important to some children!


I am an experienced adult player, are there free play sessions at the clubs?

Yes, there are times at both clubs for free play, and also times to join in our adult social tennis.


My child would like to start playing tennis, what session should I bring them to?

Please contact Paul and he will be happy to find out a bit more about your child and let you know which is the best group to start playing in.


Are there beginners sessions for adults, I want to try something new to get fit?

Yes!! Please contact Paul and he will let you know when the sessions are.