Rocky's Munchkins is for all children from 2 years 9 months to school age. It is a wonderful introduction to tennis and sport in general.  We work on coordination, confidence, balance, ball skills and social skills.  We teach the essentials of tennis, build self esteem, lay the foundations for listening and learning and give your child a great time.


A lesson lasts for half an hour and is dynamic, lively, fun and social, it is held outdoors (or indoors if it rains!), which is proven to be good for all round health, as well as improving vitamin D levels. All equipment is provided for use during the session. To give each child maximum attention, I keep group numbers as low as possible and a session would typically involve:


A cheerful welcome! 

Balance exercises - for example using the trampoline

Coordination - i.e. catching the ball between hand pads, trapping the ball with the racket 

Racket work - making a connection with the ball using the racket

Finally - some fun games! 


Sometimes I get the parents involved on court, if they so wish. Your child should wear trainers or plimsolls and comfortable clothing. In the colder months, it is advisable to wrap up in layers and a track suit, in the summer it is essential to wear lighter weight clothing, a sun hat/cap and sun screen.  It is always important to bring a bottle of water to every session. 


To begin with, your child may have some separation anxiety due to their age - this may be their first foray into a group like this, but by the end of their first half term, I have always managed to allow the parents half hour off and their child to be happily running on court and participating, without needing mummy or daddy by their side.  This will be of great benefit when it comes to starting pre-school if they have already gained confidence in my sessions.